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"All things seem possible in May." Edwin Way Teale, American Naturalist  

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“The true secret of happiness lies in the taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.” ~ William Morris, British designer (1834 - 1896)

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Why handmade

There is always something fascinating as to how all these individual and unrelated small parts and materials can come together harmoniously and beautifully. So why handmade? You asked. Because I love seeing magic happens with my ten fingertips.

Finest materials

Whether it's just a tiny glass seed bead the size of a grain of sand, we only want to use the finest materials available. Our favourites are glass seed beads from Japan, Swarovski crystals and crystal pearls, Czech glass beads and rhinestones, 14K/18K/24K gold plated beads and parts, high quality resin beads, semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls from my maternal grandmother's hometown in Zhejiang, China, and finally, antique elements we source from around the world.

Meet my magic potions

Who doesn't have a day or two when you simply can't get out of your bed? When this happens, please remember there must be something you treasure and love. My magic potions are my beads, pearls, ribbons and crystals. I hope they give you comfort too.