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The graduation freshwater pearls peonies statement brooch

The graduation freshwater pearls peonies statement brooch

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Can you already guess for what occasion did I design this? I started preparing for my outfit months before the graduation of my daughters and I was hoping to feature our house flower (i.e. peony) and the materials I love most (freshwater pearls). There are two peonies in this design because of my two daughters, one flower representing each of them. 

A little research told me in the early 20th century in China, schoolgirls who graduated would wear a big white chrysanthemum on their Cheong-sam. Since then white chrysanthemums have taken on an entirely new meaning. To achieve that look, I believe peony is a much better and appropriate choice. I was proudly wearing this on the milestone of my daughters and was more proud when this special brooch was noticed by some guests.

Each peony is hand-wired by me and no two will be alike, which means, your jewellery will always be as unique as you.


  • White, pink and gold 


Freshwater pearls


      • Measures approximately 9cm x 5cm / 3.5" x 2"
      • Freshwater pearl's size and shape vary


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