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Small freshwater pearls eyeglasses chain necklace

Small freshwater pearls eyeglasses chain necklace

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I have finally reached this age that I need my reading glasses here and there, and perhaps on top of my head too. I have, one time, told my darling: “Sorry mommy couldn’t see clearly because I don’t have my glasses on.”

Then I heard her roar in laughter. I asked her why, she said, “Mommy, you are wearing your eyeglasses!!” I touched my eyes and voila, they were really there!!! Lol.

At the end I did go and get new reading glasses and to remind myself that I am wearing them, wether on my face or on my head, I decided an elegant two-way eyeglasses chain would be a nice touch! Our other designs are already selling at the TDC Design Gallery Shop, but this is our first time introducing them to our online shop.

My elder daughter finally joins us all, in wearing glasses and thanks to her non-stop urging and pushing, I am finally stringing her her first pearl necklace-cum-eyeglasses chain.

Let us all see clearly from now on! Hurray! And no longer lose our eyeglasses! Hurray hurray!! 

Simply wear it as a pearl necklace by taking out the eyeglasses loops and attach both clasps with the golden ring. 


  • White and gold as shown 


  • Freshwater pearls 
  • 14K gold plated parts and lobster clasps 
  • 14K gold plated ring


  • Freshwater pearls are irregular in shapes and sizes and each measures approximately 3.5mm
  • Necklace is 76cm long which sits comfortably on your chest


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