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Mid-century vintage lily of the valley hand made wedding headdress

Mid-century vintage lily of the valley hand made wedding headdress

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About this treasure
Stunning in every detail, this handmade wedding hairpiece will be every bride's dream comes true. 

Branches of dainty lily of the valleys are formed to give you a heart-warming hug around your head with the green velvet bow at the back.

You do not have to be born in the month of May to own this. Although showing signs of age of nearly 70 years, I am sure if you store it properly and give it much love and care, it will serve your family for the next 70 years and counting!

Measuring approximately 8" x 6" / 20cm x 15".

This headdress, I would say, will best fit anyone who has a smaller crown size. (My head is 57-58cm, a size M for any hat, and I found this piece to be a bit too small for me, hence the reason I have decided to sell instead of keeping).

If you want to know more before purchasing, please contact us if you have any questions. 

    Signature / Label

    Handmade. designer name not known

    Country of origin 

    Circa 1950s

    Found in 

    This headdress shows signs of age. A few flowers are lost but this doesn't affect the wearing at all.

    Green velvet ribbon also shows signs of age. 

    It looks like this headdress has never been worn. The wire (base of the headdress) is still very sturdy. It's nearly as perfect as a museum quality 


    • Use a soft cloth to wipe this treasure
    • Do not wash
    • Store in our paper box or any box of your choice with desiccant silica gel and replace often if your place is humid 
    • Please take it to a vintage specialist to do professional cleaning if and when necessary

    Photos are part of the product description. Please look at them carefully. If you would like to discuss with us before purchasing a vintage or antique item, please write to us.

    All photos and texts are the properties of The Sweet Dahlings Company.

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