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Freshwater baroque pearls floral ring

Freshwater baroque pearls floral ring

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Even though we never met the late elegant and fashionably chic Jacqueline Kennedy in person and we are not sure if she had ever said "Pearls are always appropriate," we are just ready to stand by this statement. 

Many customers we have met in the past often wonder won't pearls be too old for young women? 

No, never. Pearls are never too old for anyone. Pearls indeed make you look more elegant and sophisticated. 

If you have never owed any pearl jewellery before, we hope this freshwater pearl baroque floral ringwill be the first of your many pearl items to come.


  • Pearly white


  • Freshwater pearls
  • Gold plated ring 


  • Measuring approximately 3cm x 3cm / 1.18" x 1.18"
  • Ring size is 17, measuring approximately ⌀ 14mm. Ring is adjustable but may not be suitable for unusually lean fingers


These baroque pearls have a bit of weight and it will be natural for the ring to slightly tilt sidewards when wearing. It will, however, not affect the aesthetic value of the jewellery. 


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