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Family heirloom wedding freshwater pearl bracelet

Family heirloom wedding freshwater pearl bracelet

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If you ever think pearls are for old people, we sincerely hope that this necklace will change your mind.

Using a more youthful looking size at roughly 5mm, our freshwater pearl jewellery has never looked this elegant. 

We hope you will start collecting pearls and we would be so delightfully honoured should this become the first piece of your pearl collection. 

Our freshwater pearl bracelet not only makes a good family heirloom, it will be a very thoughtful and stunning gift too. 

If you like this design but you are more of a necklace person, please click here to purchase. 


  • Pearly white and gold


  • Freshwater pearls
  • 14K gold plated floral toggle clasp


  • Measuring approximately 7" / 18cm in length 
  • Freshwater pearls measure approximately 5mm 


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