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I Only Have Eyes for Beauty Antique Lace in Elegant White Frame

I Only Have Eyes for Beauty Antique Lace in Elegant White Frame

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I have been keeping this beautiful antique lace for some time already. Originally purchased from an antique shop in Japan, it is now ready to move on to the next loving owner.

The beautiful floral lace has eye catching pink flowers clustered in the middle of an "eye", surrounded by wavy shape motifs. It is a very gorgeous piece to display at home. I have at first wanted to incorporate it into a design but decided at the end it looks at its finest in a frame.

You can hang this on your wall or just display it on your coffee table. Whether vertically or horizontally, we guarantee that this stunning antique will help make a happy corner of your home. 

This is one of the two pieces I acquired. We have framed the other piece in an elegant gold foil frame (shown in photo).


Lace circa 1920s or earlier


Gold foil frame weighs 880g / 16.2oz; measures 26cm x 35cm x 2cm


Lace is from France


The antique lace is in perfect condition with no soiled spots or breakages. It is obviously cut from a larger piece of lace before my discovery. The green backing paper, a velvety green parchment cardstock is from the antique shop.


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