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Colours of the Year Swarovski crystals hydrangea brooch

Colours of the Year Swarovski crystals hydrangea brooch

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We started our hydrangea collection a few years ago by pure chance. One day, I found a cluster of Swarovski crystals in one of my many boxes of unfinished work. When I looked at it the second time, it suddenly reminded me of one of my favourite flowers: hydrangea. I added little resin leaves around the design and turned it into a cute little bouquet brooch. 

Today, the design has birthed many variations. Amongst them all, this particular brooch with two hydrangeas still remains to be the most popular throughout these years.

This spring, we are adding this new version which showcases the colours of the year: grey and yellow. Who would have thought that they do look so harmonious and gorgeous together?


  • Grey, yellow and gold as shown


  • Swarovski crystals 
  • Glass


  • 10cm x 6cm / 4” x 2.36”


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