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Two-tone freshwater pearl necklace in white and grey

Two-tone freshwater pearl necklace in white and grey

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Lately we have seen pearls coming back as fashion jewelleries and we are glad to see they have become wardrobe staples for many. To rid the image of "only old ladies wear pearls", we are delighted to design a pearl necklace that features two colours, to give it a more youthful appearance.

If you wonder how we got this idea, a while ago, when we placed the order of our new pearls, the supplier has packed all colours together in one small bag. Then the white and grey suddenly attracted our attention and voila, the two-tone freshwater pearl necklace was born. 

Using a more youthful looking size at roughly 5mm, our pearl necklace has never looked this elegant. It rests beautifully around your neck, matching effortlessly chic with your wedding gown to your daily casual wear. In the event that your necklace moves around your neck, the gorgeous and unique 14K gold plated floral toggle clasp will make this necklace even more special. 

We hope you will start collecting pearls and we would be so delightfully honoured should this become the first piece of your pearl collection. 

Our freshwater pearl necklace not only makes a good family heirloom, it will be a very thoughtful and stunning gift too. 

If you like this design but you are more of a bracelet person, we are about to list the bracelet in the same colour tone soon. Stay tuned.


  • Pearly white and grey


  • Freshwater pearls
  • 14K gold plated floral toggle clasp


  • Measuring approximately 18" / 46cm in length 
  • Freshwater pearls measure approximately 5mm 


Kindly note that no two pearls will look the same. We will try our best to make our jewelleries as similar as possible to the photos shown here. Should you have concerns about how your freshwater pearl jewelleries look like, please contact us before you place your order.


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