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Vintage RS Germany hand painted porcelain inkwell with garden O’Hara roses details

Vintage RS Germany hand painted porcelain inkwell with garden O’Hara roses details

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About this treasure
What a year it has been, for 2020. I am sure it must have been filled with lots of frustrations, annoyances, insecurities, and maybe sadness?

If only we see all these as challenges that are needed for the tickets we need to gather in order to have a marvellous 2021.

If you have a habit of keeping a journal, and if you happen to be a calligrapher, we hope that dipping into this vintage inkwell will make you more creative, productive, and have a much more positive outlook for the coming new year.

Hand painted by a skilful artisan decades ago, the garden O’ Hara roses still look stunning. If you look closely enough, all roses were painted differently with no repetitions.

A special thanks to Florence, my dearest friend behind Petite Petals, for helping us identify all these flowers on our vintage and antique homeware. 

Inkwell is 7.5cm W x 7.5cm D x 6cm H / 2.9"W x 2.9"D x 2.36" H 

RS Germany 

Reinhold Schlegelmilch Germany 

Country of origin 

Circa 1914 to 1945 or earlier (another similar inkwell we managed to find details online dated to late Victorian period and was three times more in value)

Found in 
An antique market in Calgary, Canada 

Shows signs of wear and there are fine hairline cracks at the bottom. Ink container has no cracks so this is still very useable. No chips are found. Roses are painted very softly, or might have blurred because of time. All roses on the four sides of the porcelain bottle are different. We would be grateful if you can still find it useable but it is also a wonderful piece to display at your bureau. Give it the gentle love it deserves and it will keep delighting you and your family for more years to come!


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