Vintage Inspired Victorian Style Craft Scissors

Vintage Inspired Victorian Style Craft Scissors

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We decided to bring you this pair of beautiful vintage inspired Victorian style craft scissors when my sister saw my "at work" photos and kept telling me how much she wanted a pair.

I bought my pair during my trip to Tokyo a few years ago and have since been searching high and low for them. What we are selling here is only half the price I paid for my first pair! Yes, it's a steal and I hope that your haberdashery basket will be filled with necessary but highly affordable tools. 

The antique colour and the wonderful handfeel will make you want to work non-stop on your sewing and other crafty projects. 

They are sharp enough for fabric-cutting and trimming or if you prefer, use them on paper. However, do try to make sure you remember using different scissors for fabrics and paper. 

The scissors measure approximately 12cm / 4.7" long.