Vintage Byzantine Inspired Faux Pearl and Gemstones Bracelet

Vintage Byzantine Inspired Faux Pearl and Gemstones Bracelet

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A little something about this vintage treasure

This is one of my favourite vintage finds during my Canadian trip: a stunning bracelet which takes after the typical Byzantine design. Byzantine jewelries are full of religious symbols. Christian cross is a commonly seen motif and this is present in our featured bracelet. The centrepiece of the whole chain reveals a cross with a faux pearl decor and four colourful rhinestones around it. The whole bracelet is in decorative gold pattern that is adorned with dainty rhinestones. The design and the craftsmanship is comparable to an haute couture costume jewelry. This stunning bracelet not only adds glamour to your casual wear, it gives you the demure elegance to your evening wear. It is a difficult decision to give her up but if that means the new owner will adore and treasure her more...She will be yours and you may take her home.


Circa 1950s


16cm / 6 1/4" (excluding the clasp) 




1.23oz / 35g


Excellent. Almost like brand new.

Interesting facts

What is Byzantine?

From the website History:

'The origins of the great civilization known as the Byzantine Empire can be traced to 330 A.D., when the Roman emperor Constantine I dedicated a “new Rome” on the site of the ancient Greek colony of Byzantium. Though the western half of the Roman Empire crumbled and fell in 476, the eastern half survived for 1,000 more years, spawning a rich tradition of art, literature and learning and serving as a military buffer between the states of Europe and the threat of invasion from Asia. The Byzantine Empire finally fell in 1453, after an Ottoman army stormed Constantinople during the reign of Constantine XI.'

What are the characteristics of Byzantine jewelry? 

Excerpt taken from the website Sacred Art of Adornment:

'Byzantine jewelry is a type and style from the Byzantine era. Authentic Byzantine jewelry was created during the Byzantine Empire, which was from the fourth century AD to approximately the mid 1400s. The jewelry is influenced by the art of the Byzantine civilization, which made heavy use of the Christian cross and other early religious symbols. The Byzantine time period was full of wealth and riches, so there was an abundance of gold metal used during this time.

'Byzantine jewelry is typically made from weighty gold with generous amounts of gemstones. Common gemstones used in Byzantine jewelry include garnets, pearls, corundum, and beryls, which were traded from the Eastern countries such as India and areas of Persia. The amount of gold that was used is one of the classical characteristics of Byzantine art and jewelry.'