Universe Heirloom Brooch

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Like the countless stars and planets in our universe and galaxy, this heirloom brooch features a Swarovski cyrstal pearl centerpiece that measures 14mm in Tahiti colour and is surrounded by over a thousand pieces of Swarovski crystal pearls, Czech rhinestones, Japanese glass seed beads and glass tube beads. 

It measures approximately 2"/5cm in diameter and set on a brooch. Each piece will come with a 2 meter long (3/4" / 1.9cm wide) satin ribbon in ivory which you can transform into a hairpiece or a wedding gown sash. A truly versatile design that gives out beautiful sparkles.

The brooch is made to order and will ship 7 days after order is placed. It will come in a keepsake box.

This is an original House of Sugar Darlings design and is proudly handmade in our studio.

Colour: Black and White (as pictured)

We have another similar piece in white and silver colour. You may click here to see the heirloom piece.