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Ueno Sakura Collection: sakura cluster brooch

Ueno Sakura Collection: sakura cluster brooch

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Since the launch of our successful sakura collection in 2019, we were hoping that we would be able to wear our sakura jewellery and carry out product photo shoot in Japan. Then cued COVID. Everything seemed to have come to a halt, but we still diligently introduced our sakura design every year. After a long three years' wait, travel restrictions to Japan were finally lifted, we took no time to book our weekend trip. Voila, I could finally proudly wear my sakura jewellery when going to ohanami お花見 (sakura seeing) at Ueno Park. We hope that when you go and see sakura in the future, you will also be proudly wearing our sakura jewellery too.

This collection is made entirely with freshwater pearls and 14K gold plated elements so it can be passed from you to your future generations.  

By now you can probably tell that this is my favourite piece from the collection and I have been wearing it to places and event!

  • Pearly white and gold


  • Approximately 6.5cm x 5cm / 2.5" x 2"


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