"The Socialite" - Juliana Style Rhinestone Vintage Brooch

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A little something about this vintage treasure

The all clear rhinestones are what caught my eyes when I first saw this beautiful brooch in an antique market in Canada. Although unsigned, it is a very typical Juliana design, which was very popular in the late 1960s. The whole brooch is shaped like a wheat in the wind. The design is formed by a number of brilliant cut stones, navette stones (elongated marquis stones) and baguette stones (long rectangular stones). Wheat is generally being symbolised as love and charity so there you go, present this as a gift to someone who is loving and charitable. Imagine this pinned to your favourite faux fur coat.


Circa 1960s


4.5cm x 6cm / 2" x 2.5"




Very good. There are some gentle signs of wear on this gorgeous brooch but the overall beauty is not at all affected. A few clear rhinestones turn yellowish possibly because of the ageing of the metal case. The oxidisation of the metal case shows through some rhinestones, leaving the rhinestones look "marked" by black spot. They are, however, nothing major and the marks only add loveliness to the accessory.

Interesting facts

Who is Juliana or what is a Juliana style?

Juliana is the brand established by designers Delizza and Elster. Before creating their in house label, the pair created costume jewelries for other brands as well. This line of costume jewelry is rather short lived, which emerged in 1967 but ended in 1968. The biggest confusion one has on a genuine Juliana piece is that the designers never marked their creations. Paper tag was attached to each piece of their jewelries. These disposable tags were not something that the original wearers would think of keeping. Many antique and vintage collectors spent a lot of effort identifying the real deal. A typical Juliana style is an all rhinestone (clear, colourful or aurora borealis rhinestones in tiers or clusters) jewelry piece usually with motifs in flowers and fauna. If you would like to learn more, you can always search for more information on the Internet.