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The classic sakura brooch - deluxe

The classic sakura brooch - deluxe

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We first introduced sakura brooches in 2018 and were very pleased with how popular they have become. 

This year, we are creating an entirely new collection and our signature sakura brooch has a new softer shade and more serene appearance.

Enjoy wearing them on anything you desire, or give them as gifts. You must have friends who often travel to Japan to see sakura. Cheer them up with this handmade heirloom until we can all travel safely again.

Be sure to check out this new collection in different styles and sizes. 


  • Pink, white and gold (as shown)


  • Czech frosted glass beads
  • Czech glass beads
  • Handmade glass beads
  • Freshwater pearls (purplish tone)


  • Measuring approximately 10cm x 6cm / 4” x 2.3"


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