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Peachy pink wedding pearl necklace

Peachy pink wedding pearl necklace

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"Simply stunning!"

Is what I exclaimed the moment I received these pearls. They are of the loveliest and softest pink, sometimes they look a little peach. And most of the time they just look like candies.

We think this looks the most beautiful in a single strand design. You do not have to dress up for this, because this gorgeous pearl necklace dresses you up instead.

We only have one in stock. Grab it before someone else does. 

Matching earrings available.


  • Peachy pink and gold 


  • Peachy pink freshwater pearls
  • 14K gold plated floral toggle


  • Each baroque freshwater pearl is different in shape and size. Some may have a flatter tummy whilst others appear to have eaten/drunk too much. They are beautiful in their own ways no doubt. The pearls measures approximately at 95mm x 100mm 
  • Necklace is 16.5” / 42cm 


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