Old Hollywood glamour freshwater pearl and gold foil resin bead bracelet

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This new bracelet is inspired by Grace Kelly. 

I remember watching a clip of her boarding SS Constitution, sailing from New York to Monte Carlo, to be wedded to Prince Rainer. She said as shown wearing a pearl bracelet with a dangling bead and I fell in love with it instantly. 

After a few years of trials and errors I am happy with the final design. Like all elegant ladies across the universe and through many eras, let’s wear matching jewelleries. Find earrings here.

Each black and gold foil resin bead will look different as this is the characteristic of handmade items.


  • White, black and gold 


  • Freshwater pearls (please note that no two pearls will be exactly alike)
  • 14K gold plated beads
  • 14K gold plated magnetic clasps  
  • Acrylic gold foil and black bead


  • Freshwater pearls measure approximately 6mm in length
  • Bracelet measures 18cm in length. Since the pearls are rather big in size, customers with 15-16cm wrist size should fit into this 18cm length bracelet
  • My wrist (modelling the bracelet) measures 15cm 


  • Ready made products will be dispatched within 3 business days
  • All bespoke orders will ship in 2 weeks


  • Avoid spraying perfume on the accessory
  • Wipe with soft dry cloth
  • Do not submerge in water
  • Do not clean with abrasive cleaning solutions
  • Avoid storage in humid places
  • Wires may darken overtime which gives a vintage nod to the accessory


  • Photos are for references only
  • Each piece of accessory is lovingly handmade in our Hong Kong studio, variations may occur as this is the unique characteristic of handmade items.
  • All designs, texts and photos are (C) The Sweet Dahlings Company

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