Love Till The End Rhinestone Hair Comb/Hair Slide

Love Till The End Rhinestone Hair Comb/Hair Slide

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Is there a beginning, will there be an end? Perhaps it's love till the end. This rhinestone heirloom piece began as a random design which blossomed into a shape that is similar to a brilliant cut diamond. 

This piece is meticulously hand beaded taking hours to finish. The Czech rhinestones and faux gemstones add radiance to any wearer. The embellishment rests beautifully on a small hair comb/ hair slide. 

It measures approximately 2.1"/5.5cm in diameter and the hair comb/ hair slide is approximately 1.2"/3cm in width.

This hairpiece will ship within 3 business days. It will come in a gift box.

This is an original House of Sugar Darlings design and is proudly handmade in our studio.

Colours: Antique Sunrise, Blue Star, Grey Mist