First Snow Pearls and Rhinestone Brooch

First Snow Pearls and Rhinestone Brooch

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I could not remember how many hours were spent on beading this heirloom collectible piece. It has a Swarovski cyrstal pearl centerpiece that measures 14mm and over a thousand pieces of Swarovski crystal pearls, Czech rhinestones, Japanese glass seed beads and glass tube beads. So it has to be hours and hours and hours...

This piece of jewellery is very much inspired by the first snow that touches the ground. A very romantic piece to own and pass onto your loved ones in the years to come.

It measures approximately 2"/5cm in diameter and set on a brooch. Each piece will come with a 2 meter long (3/4" / 1.9cm wide) satin ribbon in ivory which you can transform into a hairpiece or a wedding gown sash. A truly versatile design that gives out beautiful sparkles.

The brooch is made to order and will ship 7 days after order is placed. It will come in a keepsake box.

This is an original House of Sugar Darlings design and is proudly handmade in our studio.

Colour: White and Clear (as pictured)