Festive red lilies wedding floral hairpiece

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It is always good to have a dash of red at the weddings, according to Chinese culture. As it is a colour of happiness, liveliness, prosperity and good fortune.

We have dutifully remembered the "rule" and designed this stunning and gorgeous hairpiece for your wedding banquet. 
Lilies, in general, symbolise purity and fertility. Red lilies are the embodiments of love and passion. A truly outstanding wedding accessory that you will pass on as a much loved family heirloom.


  • Red and gold


  • Swarovski crystals
  • Glass beads
  • 14K gold plated parts 
  • Gold plated brass wire
  • Velvet ribbon 


      • Will easily fit head crown sizes S-M


      • This will be made especially for you 
      • All bespoke orders will ship in 2 weeks


      • Avoid spraying perfume on the accessory
      • Wipe with soft dry cloth
      • Do not submerge in water
      • Do not clean with abrasive cleaning solutions
      • Avoid storage in humid places
      • Wires may darken overtime which gives a vintage nod to the accessory


      • Photos are for references only
      • Each piece of accessory is lovingly handmade in our Hong Kong studio, variations may occur as this is the unique characteristic of handmade items.
      • All designs, texts and photos are (C) The Sweet Dahlings Company

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