Antique PS Bavaria hand painted scallop edged porcelain handled gravy boat set

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About this treasure
One thing I am sure we all sorely miss during this year is some big feasts with our loved ones. Whether it's a lavish party outside or a cozy dinner party at home, we would have never guessed how much we have wanted them until recently.

We will perhaps, just bear in mind that social distancing means we are still all blessed with good health, so that next year, we can all come out, have fun, and catch up all those lost times.

In preparation for this day to come, fill your home with lovely items such as this beautiful and stunning handprinted gravy boat set.

Like Mr William Morris once wrote, "Have noting in your houses that you do to know to be useful or believe to be beautiful."


  • Gravy boat is 15cm L x 5.5cm W x 5.5cm H
  • Tray is 19cm L x 15cm W x 2.7cm H / 5.1" x 1.2"


  • P|S Bavaria
  • Hand painted
  • Signed by Mauvillez

Porzellanfabrik Sorau G.m.b.H., ((now Polish Żary)

Country of origin 

Circa 1898 to 1918

Found in 
An antique market in Calgary, Canada 

The gold rims around the set are still stunning as if time does not make any impact on them. All the rose details are just lovely and beautiful. It's a little unfortunate that the set has some age marks. But they don't seem to affect the overall beauty of the treasures. 

No chips or cracks are found in them.


  • Use a soft cloth to wipe this treasure.
  • Mild washing is acceptable but do not soak in soapy water for too long.
  • Not dishwasher safe. 
  • Not microwave safe.
  • Do not clean with abrasive solutions.

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