1950s - 1960s Vintage Handpainted Procelain Box

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About this treasure
This beautiful hand painted floral box is a lovely piece of treasure that exemplifies what Limoges is capable of producing. The body of the navy blue box is painted with daisies in gold. It also depicts a classical style drawing of a basket with a peony bouquet and flowing ribbon.  A matching gold daisy lock make this little vintage exceptionally gorgeous. 

Circa 1950s - 1960s

⌀ 5cm / 2"  

height:  3cm / 1.18" 


Limoges Castel France 22K Gold

Very good vintage condition. The hinge works well and the box closes tightly. The gold shows signs of wear especially around the rims but nothing too serious that takes away the beauty of the treasure. The flowers are still very vibrant and upon inspection you can see traces of brushstrokes indicating this box was hand painted, and then glazed.

No chips or scratches or even loss of paints are spotted. 

Vintage items are supposed to show characters and traits. Think of the long journey through time and places they have travelled, and you will find it easier to let them appear as they are. 

Always store or display your vintage or antique item away from direct sunlight or humid places.
Wipe with a soft dry cloth and never soak this item in water. 

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