Vintage 1930s lead glass perfume bottle set

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About this treasure
We were excited to have spotted this pair of stunning lead glass perfume bottles during one of our antique curating trips. Both bottles have beautiful and intricate designs. They still look very new and gorgeous whichever way you look at it, and regardless in day time or night time.

Place them on your bedside table, in the living room, on your boudoir stand, or even on the dining table. They are such a delight to look at.

We found this pair of beautiful vintages in an antique market in Dorset, UK.


Atomiser: Approximately 20cm x 7cm 

Perfume bottle: Approximately 18cm x 6cm


Not known

Country of origin 
Maybe USA

Circa 1930s

Shows very minimal signs of wear and use. The cap of the atomiser has sadly chipped. Be very careful and exercise caution when unscrewing the cap. Please keep away from the reach of children. The nozzle is no longer attached.It may have dried out and cracked as they are usually made of rubber. Rubber will harden and crack after a rather long period of time. I believe there might have been a plastic feeder tube inside the bottle before but it is no longer there. The bronze metal has lost its shininess. Some residues are spotted at the bottom of the bottle and I did not clean the interior. 

The perfume bottle shows signs of wear at the rim. No chipped glasses on the perfume bottle have been spotted. The bottom of the glass stopper looks like it has been chipped, but you won’t be able to spot it from outside. The silver hardware has oxidised age spots.

This time, I have not attempted to remove the spots or shined the bronze hardware as I love how they look when found. Both caps still close tightly. 

Use a soft cloth to wipe this treasure. Mild soapy water on the bottles (not the hardware) will not hurt this treasure. Never use abrasive cleaning solution on these antique items.

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