1920s Antique Lace Vanity Round Tray

1920s Antique Lace Vanity Round Tray

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A little something about this vintage treasure

Nothing looks more exquisite than this gorgeous antique lace tray to perfect your bedroom decor.  Use it to display your precious jewelries, wedding rings or if you prefer using it as a coaster for your favourite cup of tea, why not? 

You can also put it on your coffee console and well, let your husband use it for his favourite TV remote control. Add a fragrant candle for a feminine touch too.

If you are in a business, use it to display your business cards in the most elegant and effortlessly chic way.

If you have never owned any vintage lace tray before, we strongly recommend to start with something affordable like this one. It is a decision you will never regret for sure.




∅ 8" / 20cm




360g / 13oz


Good antique condition. The tray for sure has come a long way. It is well loved and shows signs of use. The outer ring is browned already but not rusty. The antique lace shows a beautiful pinkish discoloration on the hem. No cracks or scratches on glass surface spotted. No breakages of lace found either but apparently the antique lace piece was being cut to fit the tray and hence showing uneven hem. Lace has been shifted probably and possibly due to careless mounting. Price already reflects conditions.

This particular tray has no particular "front" or "back". I would, however, use the shallow side as the front as the rim is decorative and more appealing to look at (as seen in the photo with calling cards). First picture shows the tray being used upside down. 

Care of antique items

We would definitely not recommend using any cleaning products unless you have professional knowledge in this area. Wiping the glass surface with a soft towel will just do fine. Do not place this antique vanity tray in bathrooms as the humidity will corrupt more with the brass ring. 

Country of origin


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