1920s Antique Gold Ormolu Vanity Tray

1920s Antique Gold Ormolu Vanity Tray

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A little something about this vintage treasure

Before the Great Depression, all reputable ladies would have acquired at least one vanity tray to display their crystal or cut glass perfume bottles, combs, handheld mirrors and any curios the lady desired. The tradition started in the Victorian era, therefore many of the designs in the more modern time were still heavily influenced by that grand period.

Our beautiful tray is soon to be approaching her 100th birthday. The gracious design features two ribbon motif handles on four orb shape feet, reminding me of the gorgeous tassel and ribbons of Marie Antoinette's bedroom. The rim also sees a stunning Rococo style floral design.

The eye catching lace in between the glasses is a combination of machine thread embroidery on cotton voile in the centre surrounded by chemical lace and bobbin lace elements around it. 

Display this treasure proudly in your favourite room. She will love to know she's still in good use and in good hands after all these years. 




⌀ 11cm / 4.3"


E. & J. Bass Company of New York (1890s- 1930)


E. & J. B.


Good vintage condition. The glass surface has no cracks or visible scratches. The lace has been soiled. After all it's been in existence for almost a century. You can see the yellowed marks on the photos. The tray is tarnished, but still looks elegant and desirable. Pricing has reflected such conditions.

Maintenance of this particular treasure

Always place your antique treasure in reasonably dry environment and stay out of extreme heat or humidity. General and minimal cleaning has been done by us to revive its former glory. Please avoid from placing this item in the bathroom. Use only soft towel to wipe clean the surface and do not use any abrasive cleaning lotions unless you have expert knowledge.

The rim of the tray can be taken out if you wish to give the antique lace a gentle soak to wash off the marks. If you prefer the antique look, we strongly advise to leave it as is.

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