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周生生 x House of Sugar Darlings 【結婚 是一件認真的事】

這次得知有幸可以再度攜手和周生生合作,滿是期待。他們打電話來相約拜訪我這個小小的設計工作室,談談天,拍拍照。我說訪問約下午OK嗎?讓我早上去恤一個美髮,化一個靚妝才拍照。他們說,不用了。到時會給我找來一個專業化妝師(Kyo)和攝影師(KC,他也是【結婚 是一件認真的事】其中一位婚嫁團隊的精英)。那一刻,我在想,他們是認真的嗎?我是誰呢?實在是受寵若驚啊。


您們看過了其他婚嫁團隊的訪問和照片了嗎?(連我在內已經訪問了5位,陸續有來)。像這個有規模把婚嫁行業裏的專家找出來給予肯定,周生生珠寶應是第一個。因為這樣,我們都感受到認真﹑細味了尊重。還沒看到的,可以溜覽   周生生的 Facebook 專頁一一重溫。



Do you still remember how you knew our brand? Did you learn about us when you shopped at one of the oldest and reputable jewellers in Hong Kong and attended our previous crossover workshops?

How honoured it is, for us, such a young and growing label, to be handpicked and have the privilege to work with Chow Sang Sang again. When I gave a deeper thought, our relationship actually commenced long before that.

As a jewellery lover, I spent my first paycheck buying beautiful items from them and felt so proud every time I walked out from their shops carrying their little paper bags, hoping some day my future children would be able to inherit these treasures from me. Their service is always beyond excellent and staff there are the most amiable people I have ever met in any retail businesses. I am not only given the beautifully packed items I bought, but sometimes very valuable advice on life, family and relationship from the experienced sales associates over a couple of cups of their complimentary hot Chinese tea .

And that on my wedding day (long before our collaboration), I was wearing their beautiful dragon and phoenix gold earrings for my traditional wedding dress during the tea ceremony. I changed into a pair of stunning Victorian style gold flower earrings for my western bridal gown as I exchanged my wedding vow. Needless to say, both pair of earrings caught the attention of many admirers.

Chow Sang Sang and House of Sugar Darlings share very similar work and business ethics. We are very serious in what we do and there is no second best from us. The genuineness is one integrity which makes Chow Sang Sang so well loved and have them stayed as one of the most popular local jewellery houses for more than 80 years. As we collaborate once again since 2014, we proudly look up to this industry leader and hope that we will one day celebrate too as an octogenarian.