Our Products, Bespoke Orders and Other Information

Our Handmade Nature
We exercise extreme care and attention when we produce your order. We make them by hand with the utmost love in our studio. We only use the finest and best materials that are available to us, and the usual materials we use are Swarovski crystal beads, Swarovski crystal pearls, Japanese glass seed beads, freshwater pearls, Japanese satin ribbons, Japanese handpainted pearls, 100% silk ribbons, Czech rhinestones, well made faux gemstones and very good quality acrylic elements.

Since everything is made entirely by hand, there will be slight variations and signs of handmade qualities. Please do not treat them as flaws as they are the characteristics of any handmade item.

Bespoke Orders
If there is something you like in the shop but prefer having subtle changes such as change of colours of any materials used or add in or take out some elements, we would explore the possibilities first and inform you as soon as possible whether or not the changes can be performed. There will be times when some special materials (especially our vintage and antique finds) are simply irreplaceable or some other elements are discontinued, they will be marked as one off items in the description. You may want to purchase them before somebody else does!

For all bespoke orders, we would charge a 70% deposit if the order is confirmed. Before we ship out the final product, we will always send out an email and wait for your approval. You will be billed the remaining 30% via PayPal and once payment is received and cleared, we will send out your order in your preferred way of shipping.

We do provide bespoke services, as most of our brides do choose to have something uniquely made for them. Simply contact us by letting us know how we can help, we will reply within 48 hours. If it has been over 2 days and you still haven't heard from us, please kindly send us a reminder. Sometimes we do have clients' emails being mistakenly sent directly to spam box. And most of the time, we are a very small company with very limited number of staff...although we already work around the clock!

Product Care
 each wear, please place your accessory in the keepsake box or pouch that comes with it. Always store it properly in a closet or a cabinet and avoid coming into contact with direct sunlight. Remember not to spray perfume or hairspray around it as the chemicals may cause the refined elements to tarnish. Never wash your accessory under water as it may damage the materials. You may try to clean the stains using a damp towel. If you are not too sure about how to remove the unpleasant spots, please contact us, send us pictures and we will try to help by suggesting solutions.

Product Designs
All of our products are our original designs and sometimes we find inspirations from our own vintage and antique finds around the world. We pride ourselves in our diversity of product selection and we therefore ask for your respect not to show our pictures to other people and have them copied. Likewise, we refuse to accept any bespoke orders when clients simply present pictures of other people's work and ask us to copy. 

Choking Hazard
We often use very small pieces in our designs so please make sure that no babies or toddlers (or anyone who loves chewing non-food items) will reach out for the products without adult supervision. If you need to order something refined for your youngsters,we will ask that you look after them very closely because we will not take reponsibilities of any risks and accidents. If we do know that you are sending the order to very young children, we might suggest you to either order something similar in design (but without refined details) or simply suggesting you to cancel the order.

Intellectual Properties
All products, images, pictures, texts, designs, concepts and ideas that are shown here on the website, or any other platform by us (such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter) are our original work. Please always credit us if you would like to repost something from our website and other digital platforms.