1920s - 1940s Vintage Lace Vanity Tray

1920s - 1940s Vintage Lace Vanity Tray

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A little something about this vintage treasure

Nothing looks more exquisite than this gorgeous antique lace tray to perfect your bedroom decor.  Use it to display your precious jewelries, wedding rings or if you prefer using it as a coaster for your favourite cup of tea, why not? 

You can also put it on your coffee console and well, let your husband use it for his favourite TV remote control. Add a fragrant candle for a feminine touch too.

If you are in a business, use it to display your business cards in the most elegant and effortlessly chic way.


1920s - 1940s


13 x 8" / 33cm x 20cm


Progress Novelty Casting Works (New York)


PNCW (on the back of the handle)


1.2kg / 42oz


Good antique condition. The glass panel on the bottom has a scratch (see the 7th picture). The busy lace pattern has camouflaged it well. The scratch is in the inside so you will not be able to feel it. The antique lace looks perfect though a few holes seem to appear. They look so natural and blend in with the pattern (see the 8th picture).

It is quite apparent that the previous owner had painted the brassware in gold as you can spot the paint residues on the glass panels. It is entirely up to you to clean them off but I think it not necessary. The gold paint is wearing off already but it does not affect the beauty of the whole tray. The studs are screwed on, which means you can change the lace piece if you happen to have an extra piece in similar size.

We do not suggest washing the lace inset as it is already perfectly fine and looks very clean. You may, however, from time to time take out the glass panels and give them a gentle soapy bath. You must wipe them dry before assembling them back on as you do not want to ruin the antique lace.

Care of antique items

We would definitely not recommend using any cleaning products unless you have professional knowledge in this area. Wiping the glass surface with a soft towel will just do fine. Do not place this antique vanity tray in bathrooms as the humidity will corrupt more with the brass ring. 

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