Collection: Angela's Garden Collection

Who is Angela? You may ask. I was recently asked by a customer (you guessed it!) named Angela to make a bespoke necklace featuring a peony brooch/pendant on a freshwater pearl necklace. Whilst preparing to show her some new and old designs as alternatives, I was inspired to make a collection from her very peony necklace, featuring smaller and simpler flowers or foliages.

These simpler designs also take after the forms of cut flowers, or flowers that fall naturally onto the garden grounds after being kissed by the warm breezes and rains by Lady Spring. These cut flowers or ochitekitahana (things always sound more luxurious or delicious in another language. This means "flowers that have fallen" in Japanese) remind me of my mother. She's the other Angela to whom I'd like to make a tribute, and dedicate this collection to.

My mother is very fond of gardening and growing flowers. She used to decorate our childhood home with flowers she grew and I enjoyed going out to the balcony to see all her lovingly and aesthetically arranged pot plants. It was like having your own mini European garden in this small and compact Hong Kong ! Retired now and residing in New Jersey, she continues growing and tending to flowers and never fails to send us photos via Whatsapp the beautiful cut blossoms from her lovely garden.

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