I love you, for sentimental reasons

How much do you know about Nat King Cole? He was a rare gem in the music industry in the last century. Having so many popular and beautiful hit songs, this one song (I Love You) for Sentimental Reasons remains my all time favourite.

He was, however, not the first performer of this song, written in 1940 but published in 1945. William Best from The Brown Dots was credited for composing and writing the music and lyrics, originally titled as For Sentimental Reasons. It is no doubt safe to say that Cole popularised this it and helped peak the song on Billboard in 1946. 

This is a rare footage of Cole himself playing the piano singing this rendition, making the song even more effortlessly beautiful:


"I'll think of you every morning"
"Darling I'm never lonely"
"Whenever you are in sight"


"Dream of you every night"  


"I love you for sentimental reasons"

All beautiful images by Jenny Tong Fine Arts Photography


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