What do you do for a living?

A while back I came to know a nice lady and naturally we brought up the topic of "what do you do for a living." After telling her that I design bridal hairpieces and teach classes occasionally, she asked: where did you learn all that?

I paused for a while and thought of what answer to give. Then I said, "There is no such place to learn." She said, with affirmation: "There must be! You go there to learn, and come back to teach!"

Ah, so, that is what most of us think. You must have learnt it elsewhere, and come back to teach.

I am not "hardworking" in the normal daily sense. But I read everyday, whether it is a real book or a piece of digital article I find online to get my needed inspirations. I also spare time each year to wander around in foreign places, and my biggest pleasure is to spend hours and hours visiting museums, art galleries, antique markets (not shopping malls), take a few interest classes, and come back to "produce something". I do not open other people's DIY books, and teach directly from there. Whatever and whenever I organise a workshop, I design my own products, make them, photograph them, edit photos, write my own descriptions and post online.

The biggest achievement aside from earning the workshop fee? It is to see students' happy face after each class, hugging their work and cradling in their arms as if they are their precious newborns.

So many people start doing this business hoping to earn a decent - luxurious living. A few of them teach, but perhaps just one or two want to inspire and pass on the techniques and skills they learn.

I started this design house for my daughters. When they said they were "not very interested" in inheriting my business, I pulled down my "mommy's sad face". Then they diplomatically added "maybe not now". This is how I start to think of passing on skills to those who really care, and who are really interested in learning.

Every time when a workshop is carried out, I secretly remember everyone's name, face and their skills, in hope to select my future apprentices.

For those who have already come to my classes a few times, what you hear most is: is that clear? Ask me if not! You must always ask if you don't understand. Or, "oh don't follow my sample. Add in your own variants, because after all this is your very own design."

I don't do a whole of of classes. But whenever a workshop is produced, this is for you to understand you can always do it, if only you trust me, and trust yourself. Hard work pays off. If you can remember this simple theory and put good use in your daily life too, how wonderful will your life be?


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