Introducing Dog Couture

I am always grateful to be surrounded by many great friends who not only think alike, but who share impeccable taste in arts, design and all things lovely. Today, I am introducing you to Emily, a dog lover (who has three darling fox terriers), and the mastermind behind Dog Couture
Dog Couture , as its name suggests, offers bespoke fashion for your furry soul mates. You can bring them over to meet with Emily, have a cup of gourmet tea, design what you would love, or purchase her beautiful collection of ready-to-wear collars. There are also little handmade items which you can order too, like the Swarovski crystal little terriers she commissioned a Canadian artist to make especially for her shop.
Its gorgeous interior design also gives you a homey feeling and I guarantee that you will fall in love with her designer-like "powder room" (it is just too beautiful inside you don't want to just call it "a bathroom"). It is my intention not to take pictures of that private corner so you can all go visit and see the toile print wallpaper-lined dreamy station for yourselves. And, have I mentioned those limited edition terrier-themed accessories Emily scoured from every corner of the world? Every time you go there you will discover something new. Such fascinating place I never want to leave once I step inside and will not feel ashamed to sink into her comfortable couch. 
When Dog Couture is not too busy serving her furry customers, this place is also for hire. You can hold parties of any kinds (crafty, bridal shower, baby shower, wine and dine) for HK$1,000/4 hours. It has a mini bar and a fully equipped pantry where you can cook for your loved ones. There are no parties too small or too big. We only wish we have all the time to party!
We are delighted that we will be holding our first ever collaboration with Dog Couture and we will be posting information about the upcoming class real soon!
Stay happy till I next write.
Photos taken at Dog Couture
Photo credits: V. G. Li
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