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Stories & Thoughts

純粹 show off

純粹 show off

最近不約而同的有客人來到我的工作室指着我的作品說︰這個,好易啫,妳「蹺」吓「蹺」吓之嘛,我都可以學啦。呢個,呢個都係「蹺」吓「蹺」吓啫。咁我幾時跟妳上堂? 這令我哭笑不得。 這些用銅線「蹺」吓「蹺」吓的作品,技術上說難不難,說易也不易。銅線一但給用力過渡扭斷了,又得重新來過。掌握好技術...

History of Perfume

History of Perfume

We say, hear and use the word "perfume" (or parfum in French) a lot. What does it actually mean, have you wondered? I was looking up for some infor...




What do you do for a living?

"There must be! You go there to learn, and come back to teach!"

Ah, so, that is what most of us think. You must have learnt it elsewhere, and come back to teach.

Introducing Dog Couture

I am always grateful to be surrounded by many great friends who not only think alike, but who share impeccable taste in arts, design and all things...

We are celebrating Spring a little early!

Although Spring is some 2 months away, I have decided to celebrate it early by creating something gorgeous.   These beautiful embellished embroider...

A warmest welcome to our new home!

  A big warm hug and welcome to our brand new website. Finally we have found the home we have been searching for all these years and I am glad y...